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Has the IRS contacted you? You have options and you don’t have to give in to their demands. We help clients get their hard earned money back from the IRS. We handle the following and more: 

Unsure of which option best fits your situation? Will you qualify for an extension of time to pay, an installment agreement, an offer in compromise or are you eligible for currently not-collectible status? IRS Solver helps you find the best option.

An IRS Audit can mean something as simple as providing additional documentation to support your tax return, it’s still a daunting prospect. When the San Diego IRS officecalls requires you deal with more complex matters, representation is strongly recommended.

IRS Solver can help you request and file, and is accredited to represent you in front of IRS Appeals.

Do not let the situation come to a dramatic conclusion, when the IRS is getting ready to seize all your assets. Solutions exist to resolve your tax problem.

If you filed jointly but are unfairly held responsible for a tax debt that is the sole doing of your spouse or former spouse, you may be granted spousal tax relief.

Let’s discuss your options.

Contact us. No obligation, no initial fee. You don’t have to fight the IRS alone!


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