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Trust an Enrolled Agent to represent you.

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If the IRS believes that you owe additional taxes to the government, they may send you an audit letter in the mail, or they may already have started collection actions. IRS Appeals are a way to protest their decision and potentially change the game. It is in your best interest to hire a qualified tax professional to help you file any IRS appeal and represent you. He or she has expert knowledge of tax laws and can help you reach favorable tax results.

Need professional and expert representation in front of the IRS?


If you go to Appeals, you may represent yourself or hire a professional to represent you. Only attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents are authorized to practice before the IRS.

This step may be taken after you provided the IRS with all the information that can support your position.


Collection Actions

IRS adverse collection actions you can appeal include liens, levies, installment agreements, seizures, third-party claims to property, rejected offer in compromise, trust fund recovery penalty.



The conclusions of the IRS auditor may be appealed only if you disagree and have not signed the proposed changes.