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Let’s face it, having a tax debt can be truly draining, both financially and emotionally. Receiving the dreaded IRS notice for pending taxes can send taxpayers into a panic, but what usually sends them over the edge is dealing with the IRS agent assigned to their case. The IRS agents are there to do their jobs, and that is getting you – the taxpayer – to pay the IRS what it is owed. As the taxpayer in that situation, a failure to respond could subject you to Federal tax liens and levies that will put a further crimp on your finances.

Having to deal with the IRS on top of your financial problems can be harrowing and in order to get them off your back, you’ll either need to either:

A. Pay off your full debt and face possible levies and liens if you fail to do so,
B. Know the ins and outs of your taxpayer rights and tax law to be able to negotiate for tax relief options on your own, or
C. Exercise your Right to Retain Representation and, hire a tax professional or firm to take on the IRS for you.

Hiring a tax attorney to represent you in IRS negotiations for tax relief is the best way to go, and here’s why:

1. Signing the Power of Attorney (POA) to a Legal Representative

…literally gets the IRS off your back. You do not have to talk to them. Ever. By filing Form 2848 – the Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative – you give our representative the authority to “stand in your stead.” Upon signing the POA declaration, the IRS cannot, by law, contact you directly. All dealings are done through your representative who will handle it for you.

2. Benefit from professional expertise.

That’s an inherent advantage, really. Tax attorneys and representatives at IRS Solver are highly trained at navigating the ups and downs of the IRS tax process, and can help you reach the best solution for your tax woes.

3. Handle tax settlement agreements and reduce your outstanding debt.

The IRS has provisions for taxpayers who are unable to meet their current debt through hardship settlements, installment agreements and Offers in Compromise. Our representatives can help you file your financial statements, verify your financial situation to the IRS and negotiate the total amount of debt down to a lesser value than your initial debt through any of the above settlement options.

4. Settle your past returns.

Tax debts can get compounded if they’re not dealt with promptly. American taxpayers often struggle with meeting these debts since each passing year just lands them in more trouble with the IRS. A representative from a firm like IRS Solver can ensure that all your previous tax returns are properly filed and dealt with.

5. Stop the IRS from seizing your property or bank account.

As a final resort, the IRS handles outstanding taxes by either seizing a defaulting taxpayer’s property or by levying their bank accounts. A good tax firm can help you avoid these extreme circumstances, provided you contact them as soon as you receive your first IRS notice.

6. Timely assistance during tax audits.

If the IRS serves you an audit notice, it gives them the authority to audit your finances to ensure that you’ve filed your taxes accurately. The audit process can be a tricky process to maneuver, right from understanding why you are being audited to having all the required documentation at hand. A tax firm can help you keep your records organized and also deal with all the legal proceedings, hearings and debt settlements.

7. Reduce your mental strain.

Seeking tax relief when you’re buckling under overwhelming tax debts can adversely affect your mental and physical health. With a trusted tax professional taking your stead in dealing with the IRS, you can save yourself a lot of stress.

Everyone, at some point or the other, may be served with an IRS debt notice, and in such cases, the first thing you should do is to hire and authorize a trusted professional who can guide you through the tax relief process without ever having to deal directly with the IRS.


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