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Do you owe $10,000 or more in taxes? Has the IRS notified you they started the Collection Process?

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The IRS has the power to close your business and seize your personal assets to satisfy the debt. Our advisory services can help you get the best outcome during if the IRS is trying to take away your business.

Employment taxes are the property of the employees, held in a federal trust fund on their behalf. The IRS will do everything possible to collect taxes due, including holding a person jointly and severally responsible. Get expert help for dealing with trust fund recovery penalties here.

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Steve Leibold did a fantastic job for my personal and business taxes. I had back taxes and was trying to get a payback agreement. When I found Steve and his team, I had a resolution and installment agreement in place that was fair for my personal and business taxes. Anyone that needs sound business advice and great service for your federal or CA State taxes, I highly recommend Steve Leibold!


Steven Leibold and team are a pleasure to work with. They have the uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable and secure when at times your business may not be doing so well. Many times I’ve consulted with Steven in a panic over IRS issues… He knows the ins and outs of business and I always leave feeling extremely better about where I am as a business and person. My company has been doing business for over 12 years and I honestly owe a lot of my success to Steven. Great people, excellent attitude. Do yourself and your business a favor, sign up now!